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The Issues


Our district has been underserved by our current representative in Congress. It’s time to make a concerted economic development push on the federal level in partnership with our state officials to get money for jobs retraining and tax credits to bring in new jobs in industries such as Advanced Energy. Our area, with its rich history of manufacturing and traditional energy jobs, is ripe for this kind of investment. The Ohio River was once the economic driver of the region, and there’s no reason it can’t be again.


From protecting the coverage of our most vulnerable, our children, to stabilizing an industry that makes up 1/6th of the entire American economy, Jill will bring common sense balance to ensure that every citizen has access to affordable healthcare and health coverage.


Jill founded a non-profit focused on improving child literacy and creative writing. She has personal experience with the Head Start program. Jill understands the deep commitment of teachers and the importance of giving all children a leg up on their eduction. This is something to be replicated and expanded nationwide. Jill supports affordable higher education for all, which will ensure Ohio’s future and our ability to compete in the global economy. Adults also need access to continuing education, particularly in troubled industries. Jill will advocate for career and vocational education to develop new skills to compete in any economy.

A Fair Economy

Real tax reform that closes corporate loopholes, encourages corporations to create jobs here in America, and gives money to working Americans. A living wage for all. Paid family and sick leave for all. These are the tools that are needed to close the growing imbalance between the rich and poor in our country, and give everyone the chance to work for their own success while strengthening our values of family, community and fellowship.