Accomplishments in Office

I am proud of what our office has been able to accomplish since I began my term.

  • I changed the investment firm the Treasurer’s office works with from an out of town firm to a local firm. I believe Hamilton County’s money should be managed by a Hamilton County firm.
  • My office has updated the process for tax lien sale from an auction process where the winner was pulled from a hat to an intentional contract sale. Now tax lien sales are focused on working with homeowners to keep them in their homes.
  • I raised the starting wage in my office to $20/hour while simultaneously reducing our need from the General Fund by more than $200,000. I believe everyone deserves to earn a living wage.
  • We updated the employee manual to increase productivity. My office now also conducts performance reviews to ensure the people working for Hamilton County are able to do their jobs to the best of their ability. The people of Hamilton County deserve a well run Treasurer’s office.
  • We have hosted community open houses for homeowners aimed at connecting them with aid available to ease mortgage and property tax burdens that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Help people on a budget stay ahead of their property taxes by expanding the property tax prepayment program.
  • Our office space was updated with places for employee education and gathering during lunch and breaks.